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Llewellyn Coaching

Working with women to co-create positive change

Are you looking to change something in your personal or professional life? For example, increasing your confidence, challenging a self-limiting belief, disrupting an engrained habit or behaviour or overcoming ‘imposter syndrome’. If so then I might be able to help


Be your best self


Raise awareness of yourself and others to manage both differently


Increase your trust and belief in your abilities and judgements for you to flourish


Continue to enhance your skills and attributes to be your best self

What is coaching?
What are the benefits?

Coaching is about you wanting something in your life to change. This means increasing your self-awareness, identifying the choices available to you and ultimately, finding and acting on your own solutions. As Jenny Rogers (2016) suggests coaching is ‘choice in action’ and it can close the gap between where you are now,  your current state and where you want to be, your potential.

As your coach, I work with you to co-create a new way of being. Coaching addresses the whole person – past, present and future. Focusing on the here and now and dipping into elements of the past, together we can shape future possibilities.

Examples of change might be

  • Deciding your next career move
  • Addressing difficult current work / life challenges
  • Overcoming feeling ‘stuck’
  • Managing redundancy and the next steps
  • Preparing to leave full time work or considering retirement

Through your commitment to change, the benefits of working with the right coach enables

  • Greater insights about yourself and others, in and beyond the workplace
  • Increased confidence to pursue your personal and professional goals
  • A more energised approach to pursuing these goals
  • Greater authenticity, aligning with your core values
  • You to become a better version of yourself

Meet Dr Karen Llewellyn

I understand the challenges women face in navigating their professional lives. This understanding is derived from my career in secondary, further and higher education, in senior academic and management roles; as a marketing manager for a leading international sports publisher; and working in sports coaching and coach education.

I specialise in working with professional women in education, sport and health. My approach is values-led, based on authenticity, compassion and trust, creating a safe, non-judgemental and supportive space for our coaching partnership to flourish.

Through active listening and insightful questioning, I encourage you to increase your self-awareness by exploring and challenging any self-limiting beliefs and assumptions, to bring about increased confidence and desirable behavioural change. By inviting you to explore your values and beliefs, it’s possible to develop different ways of thinking, behaving and managing yourself and others.

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What we do


Step one

We have an initial conversation to discuss, without obligation, your desired change or the challenge you are facing and how coaching can support you

Step two

We meet for our first coaching session, confirm your desired change and begin our work together to achieve that change

Step three

We actively commit to and engage in our coaching partnership, being open to creative tools and techniques to move you forward


We review and evaluate our coaching together, mid-way and at the end, to measure the desired change, to inform future actions and reach closure